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LIUNA1089 - About This site
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LIUNA web site

About This Site

LIUNA1089.ca was created to provide information to our members, and tell the public more about us. It will evolve over time to become even more.

The web site was created by basement143.com, a Sarnia based marketing and design company, with information and guidance provided by Derek Johnson and Mike Maitland.

This site was designed to be viewed best in Safari 3+, Firefox 3+ and Internet Explorer 8+ with a monitor resolution of 1280x800 or above.

Flash player 9+ is required to enjoy this site at its best.

Due to the structure of this site, older computers and those with dial up internet access may find it slow to load. We apologize for this, but creating the site in the way we did allows for a much greater visitor experience, and gives us a modular upgrade path for the future.